Zika Virus VLP


Recombinant Zika virus-like particles consisting of Envelope, pre-Membrane and Membrane protein produced in mammalian HEK293 human cells. Greater than 90% purity.

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Zika Virus VLP (Virus-Like Particle) is a unique product that has been developed in response to the need for high purity, properly assembled, and glycosylated Zika virus antigens for use in the development of Zika virus diagnostics and in vaccine development and R&D (including use as an immunogen). Like its related product, Zika Virus NS1, the Zika Virus VLP is produced in human cell lines using state-of-the-art expression techniques. The Native Antigen Company Zika Virus VLP is composed of partially mature particles containing Envelope (E), pre-Membrane (prM), and Membrane (M). In contrast to our Dengue serotype 1-4 VLPs, Zika Virus VLP has been constructed purely from Zika virus sequences. Concentration and purification are then performed by a series of ultracentrifuge and chromatographical methods which result in VLPs of exceptional quality and purity.

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